Day 11: Between Canadian and Shamrock

Cloudy again this morning, but it cleared up really soon. After we looked around for a place to have breakfast, we ended up next to our motel. I now can say that I do not really like French toast that much, but the waitress was very quick and funny.


After breakfast we went to Canadian, Texas and waited there at a gas station. Then headed back to Shamrock and waited there at a gas station. With yesterday’s travel we can safely say that we went past the Canadian border at least six times.

After a while we repositioned again. On top of a hill we had a great view of a nice structured storm, but there was not enough rotation to produce even a funnel.

Later this day we drove between Turkey and Newlin and that storm didn’t seem to have much rotation at first. But as it got rain wrapped, the radar indicated a lot of rotation and even a hook. Unfortunately all we saw was rain.

Near Childress we witnessed a very beautiful lightning show. After a struggle to get my camera settings right, even I got a few lightning strikes on camera.

Dinner was fast food at Arby’s (we got warned at the beginning of this trip: the worst the food is, the better the chase. They got that right alright. Couple of days in a row now that we are eating fast food :D). Now checked in at the Economy Lodge in Childress TX. Room and shower is so much better than the day before.