Discharge: Archive Analyser for Astrogenic's NexStorm

Discharge is a small add-on to NexStorm by Astrogenic. NexStorm reads and processes data from Boltek lightning detectors. The processed data is stored in archive files.

Current Version: 1.1.0

Discharge can read the archive files and analyse the data. The current version then produces some lists of record strike rates, future versions might produce more. The results are in HTML format and can be uploaded to an FTP server automatically. As of version 1.0.5 some output is in SVG format, which will be supported by FireFox 1.5 or through the Adobe SVG viewer plug-in.

Discharge can run in a quiet mode, so it can be scheduled to run, for example, once a day (using the scheduling facilities in Windows).

Discharge is developped by Daniël van Os and is released as freeware. Donation are more than welcome though.

From the menu you can choose to view an example of the output of Discharge, you'll also find a link to the manual and to the download page.

Enjoy and please let me know when you use the program and put the information on your homepage!

Daniel (discharge.supercell@nl)