Use at own risk, I am not responsible for any loss of data or damage to (parts of) your computer, internet account, webpages and/or other software installed.


Discharge is freeware.

First Install

1. Create a new folder somewhere
2. Extract all the files from the zip file to the new folder
3. Run discharge.exe


1. Just extract the new archive over the old one
2. From 1.0.1 to 1.x.x: You may delete discharge.ini, it is not used anymore (all settings will be lost (even if you keep the ini) but from now on settings will survive upgrades)


The current version is 1.1.0 and it can be downloaded right here


   First Release

   Fixed multiple entries when processing several times
   Fixed date format in main lists
   Made size of main lists configurable
   Added a fifth date format

   Autogenerate menu
   Added user location
   Donation buttons to menu, no longer on every page
   'command line' version for scheduled running
   All settings to registry, no more .ini
   Incremental processing of the archives (process only new ones)
   Fixed date in burst list

   Fixed bug that could cause a crash when closing the app down
   Dat, html, log files are placed in subdirectories
   Added logging for the FTP session
   Added an icon :)
   You can add a link to your stormvue page to the menu, which
    either opens as a subpage or in the topframe
   Added link to discharge homepage
   Added update time and version info

   Fixed FTP bug in commandline mode
   Added FTP/Progress logging in the log folder
   Fixed another FTP bug (always passive mode)

   Added a directional analysis (SVG output)
    ! To view this you'll need the Adobe SVG Viewer plug-in, or
      a development build of FireFox (Deer Park). FireFox 1.5
      will probably have native SVG support when it's released
      in September 2005. Opera has native SVG support.
   Added Graphs for daily activity (Top 5)
   Added Noises per 5 minutes graph
   Changed way SVG's are embedded      

   Changed the embedding of SVG again (should now
      work with IE even if Server doesn't return proper
      MIME type           
   Added a check for update that will force a full reprocessing 
   Some small tweaks
   Added an * for new entries in the main list