Day 10: it’s raining cats and snakes

Yesterday there was a very clear area where severe thunderstorms and possible tornados were gonna be. But today the area is much more vague and larger. The plan is to go to Dalhart, Texas and see how it goes.

On a side road there were a lot of chasers so we stopped to say hi. And sing happy birthday to George of course. But also to see two snakes and I was brave enough to hold one of them (and it was not the rattlesnake).

But we came to see storms so we left and hit the road again.

Chased a couple of storms, saw a couple of funnels, of which at least one of them could have been a tornado. On radar it looked like it was dying so we headed away. Then at a gas station we were parked at suddenly it looked alive again! So more chasing to do. From where we were standing at one point, you could really feel the strong wind of the inflow.

For dinner it was a quick bite of fast-food. Checked in to the worst Motel 6 of this trip so far, in Shamrock TX. Daniel called it the smelly cat motel.


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