Day 3: a lot of road

This morning started with the briefing (meaning Charles telling us what (not) to do and giving us the official Cloud 9 wear) standing outside. Yesterday we thought it couldn’t get any colder than that, but we were so wrong. I am still freezing as we speak. Or as I write this.

After the briefing  we all got in our vans and drove off to Texas and New Mexico. But there were no storms, only the kind of weather we could all agree on is bad weather. It was windy, cold and rainy. After a hour or so wait at a gas station in Tumumcari, they decided that we would give up for today.


That meant we would drive back to Amarillo, Texas. I have been to Amarillo before and I knew what that would meant: eating at the Big Texan 🙁 So I was really glad that we could work something out with our driver of our van, Rocky. The three of us ended up at the Indian Oven and had one of the best veggie korma I’ve ever had.

Now motel 6 number 1



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