Day 4: awesome chasing and craptastic dinner

We started and ended our day at the Motel 6 Amarillo, Texas but luckily there was so much in between that I’m afraid I won’t be able to remember it all at this moment.



After a couple of nice storms, great mammatus and a few almosts, we drove away. But then a huge wedge started forming and was persistent. The wedge came more and more down and got smaller. I didn’t see it touch the ground, but it was a tornado alright.






The second tornado some of our group saw, I did not see. For some reason I can’t tell anymore which we saw where, but somewhere between Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas again we saw a third tornado!!




Because it was a long day of chasing I probably forget a lot of stuff that happened today, like slipping in some muddy puddles and having to drive all the way back the same muddy road we came on. Although that wasn’t so bad after all, now one of our fellow passengers on our van is happily reunited with the gopro he forgot. I also remember somewhere a short stop in a car wash to shelter the vans from hail, but since I used that time for a well needed toilet break, I don’t know if the hail was even worth mentioning.




Late day, therefore dinner (French fries at Brauns) was craptastic (but totally worth it). All and all a awesome day!

Now Motel 6 number 2 (the exact same one)

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