Day 5: More of Texas. And rain.

This morning we had a quick breakfast at Subway and headed to San Angelo, Texas. The new windshield wipers on our van were much needed. It started with a light drizzle, but got more and more during the day. It was that kind of a day where you don’t expect tornados to form. But with that in mind it was a interesting day after all. We saw some nice structures that could’ve produced a tornado if they really wanted to. But I guess that they did not. At least not today. These structures did give some awesome lighting strikes, although not on camera. Or I think not. My lighting app on my phone probably broke my sd card of my phone. Hopefully we’ll reach a Walmart or something soon. But we should fix our windscreen wipers soon anyway. One did not seem to touch the windshield properly and the other one almost came of. Charles had to fix that during the chase.


One of today’s highlights was punching the core, to the point where we did not see anything of all the rain (and got a bit of hail too!). I also really liked standing somewhere on top of the hill close to a storm. You could see and feel the force of which the clouds where drawn into the storm.

Dinner was not the Chinese buffet, but Joe’s Italian Restaurant which was nice.

Now Motel 6 number 3 (a ‘new’ one, this time in San Angelo. We stayed here also two years ago, I remembered that turning onto the parking lot of the motel).



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