Day 9: most awesome day so far

This morning started off with blue skies and warm temperature which was really nice after all the fog and the rain.

We drove to Kansas and stopped for a bit at a gas station to see what would happen. Then relocated behind a cemetery to have a view on the clouds. Here I tried to do my first time-lapse. We hoped we would see them shoot up, but it was a bit too early for that. So back to the same gas station. Back at the gas station other chasers were there as well.

And on the move again… And back at a gas station. Long story short (in my defense at 11 pm we didn’t have had dinner yet and no motel in sight), saw 3 out of the 4 tornados that we could have seen today. Also saw the largest hail I’ve ever seen (okay, maybe not that big, but for me it was). Looked like about 2 centimeters.

And to top the day of we have seen nice mammatus clouds and a very nice sunlit sky at sunset.

Posting this as we just ordered our food at the ihop next to our motel (almost midnight). The motel will be Best Value at Garden City, Kansas.


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