Another cold day with temperatures well below 10 degrees for some part, in fact it’s barley 8 degrees and misty outside as I’m typing this in our motel room in Amarillo Texas.

With still some lag from the jet lingering, it wasn’t that hard to get up at 7 am and prepare for the first chase day.

packingAfter the default safety briefing everybody drifted to a van, just like in 2014 we joined Bert and Roelof in what is generally know as ‘Van 2’. Secretly we know it as ‘The van with the largest and not blinded windows.’

Our driver this year is Rocky Raskovic and it has been great to be on the (Rocky) road (to Dublin?) with him. Though especially when we just left it was hard not to miss Brad. I hope you’ll be watching us the coming two weeks.

A slight risk was issued, with a 5% tornado chance for small parts of Texas and New Mexico. The 5% area was too far away for us but we did set out for Tucumcari in New Mexico to see what would happen.

A whole lot of nothing happend, some storms fired up out of reach for us and they also died down pretty quickly. After waiting for an hour or two we headed back to Amarillo to get in position for a much better storm chance tomorrow. As most of the group set out for the Big Texan, we did go to an Indian restaurant on the other side of town.

Meanwhile we did get a hopeful notification from google: tomorrow will be 17 degrees Celcius warmer than today. An Enhanced Risk for severe thunderstorms is present over Texas and Oklahoma, with a tornado chance and maybe hail stones of 10 centimeters and larger. So, let’s consider today a practice run to get ready for the real deal.

The Cloud 9 Armada



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