Structure and Lightning

The Motel 6 in Shamrock, Texas has got to be one of the worst Motel 6’s around. It’s completely taken over by stray cats. As much as I like cats, this was gross. On top of that, the shower in our room had just one setting: burning hot!

The restaurant next door was much better at serving us breakfast, when they found out we were storm chasers they even put the Weather Channel on for us.

From Shamrock we headed back north to Canadian, where we had been yesterday. We waited at a gas station for the storms to initiate when we were approached by a lady from a local newspaper. She took a picture of us and apparently we will be in next week’s edition.

lpWhen the surface winds shifted too far west we relocated… heading back south through Shamrock. A single storm formed and as we approached it, it split into separate storms. One of them died pretty quick while the other transformed into a Low Precipitation supercell.

anvilAfter an hour or so this storm also lost it’s strength and we moved further south to a new cell. This storm looked very promising and briefly had a lowering from it’s wallcloud. The only road lead directly into the core of the storm, so we had to track back to get around the storm.

stationaryAs we did so, the storm seemed to collapse, but it still produced very nice lightning. We set up to take pictures of it near Childress. From the south another storm approached, with bright white towers shooting up against a blue sky.

lightningThe storm we had been chasing did get a tornado warning, after a tornado was actually spotted. For us it was too dark to continue chasing so we got out of the way and went for dinner in Childress and then we moved on to the motel.

By now most storms have moved out of the area, though we could get a few more during the night. Tomorrow is another chaseday, with the most interesting area directly to our north east, so time to get some sleep now.


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