I am glad to say that we made it out of Amarillo, while ‘Welcome to the Motel 6 Amarillo’ doesn’t sound half as good as Hotel California it started to feel like we would never leave.

And in fact, we did chase today. As Wednesday began to look a lot less like a chase day Cloud 9, our tour company, decided to go for the storms in central Texas after all.

yesnodderWe headed out with San Angelo as initial target on yet another cold, overcast morning. Storms initiated while we were near Lubbock and we picked one south of Midland as ours. It got tornado warned and as we approached it we did see some lowerings, however it never came close to a tornado.

storm1We tried to get on the good side of the storms and headed for Big Lake. The idea was to find a place to shelter and see what the hail in the storm would bring. However a previous storm was still over Big Lake and had brought many people to find shelter for their cars already. More over Big Lake was actually turning into a big lake and the storm that had caused it started to show some rotation on radar.

floodingAfter an intense few miles with some fairly large hail and near zero visibility due to the torrential rain we got ahead of the storm. Storm were starting to merge and while in movies that usually produces EF6 tornadoes, sharknadoes or global warming… in our case it meant that the tornado chances had dropped to 0.

mirjamWe took some distance from the large storm to be able to take a few pictures of the structure. Then we noticed a lowering in the clouds to the north of us.

radarThe radar images showed a hook and rotation and not much later the storm did get a tornado warning. In fact a tornado was reported by a sheriff.

loweringAfter ‘enhancing’ my images (another thing which seems to go much better in movies) I was able to uncover a suspicious looking lowering in a few. I’m not sure if it was a tornado, but I do think it was what caused the tornado report.

On the way back to the motel our Antenna Monkey broke the windshield wiper so Charles had to come over and fix it.


Tomorrow will be a travel day, it seems we are heading way north. Initially to Colorado, but we might end up in Wyoming or even the Dakotas.


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