Capulan Volcano

With no chase target available we decided to reposition for the events expected in the days to come. We left Amarillo once more and after a stop at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast we made our way to Capulan in New Mexico.

virgaroadWe were just in time to make it to the top of the extinct volcano, a few approaching thunderstorms resulted in an early closure of the road. From nearly 8000 feet above sea level the view of the rain curtains from those storms with the snow covered rocky mountains behind them was superb.

capulanOn the way down our car broke down… it could be fixed with some duct tape while by now a more permanent fix is in place.

deerWe spend the night at the Raton Motel 6. Based upon the current forecasts I expect we will be chasing storms from Saturday until at least Thursday. I would at all not be surprised to see us heading back to Amarillo tonight.



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