Here comes the sun!

A relatively short drive today to Lamar in Colorado. Especially during the first part the scenery was beautiful with snow covered mountain tops in the distance. We made one intermediate stop in La Junta, a town that looks even more departed and desolate than Hengelo.

lajuntaSo no Amarillo and also a welcome change in the weather as we drove under clear and sunny skies. Ok, that’s not what we are here for, but same goes for the gray and cold we’ve experienced the first week of the tour.

innThe Lamar Inn where we are staying did not even exist on Foursquare and from the outside it reminded me of the place we stayed in Roswell two years ago. However, the rooms are quite ok.

We’ll head for dinner later on, let’s see what this town has to offer.

Tomorrow should be the first of at least three and maybe five chase days, though models have been very inconsistent this year so I guess we’ll have to take it from day to day.

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