There and (we’re) back again

After a short, yet not too bad sleep the journey finally started. The taxi was slightly early so it got a bit hectic for a while. So far it seems we did not forget anything.

We don’t have many plane journeys without anything special happening and today was no exception. At first it turned out that on my ticket I was called “Danielvan”. After being send to 3 different people we finally found one person who said: I’m not going to change it, it should be fine. And it was.


During the flight I watched Moneyball, a baseball movie that had been on my to do list for a few years. As we approached Atlanta the skies outside the plane turned interesting. I had not been able to check the weather but it seems there was a slight risk for severe thunderstorms and the one I did see indeed had a very solid updraft.


The approach was rather bumpy when flew through the clouds, but after sinking below them the landing was smooth.

We hurried to immigration and that turned out to be a wise decission. Eventhough there were only about 50 people in front of us, it took over an hour to get passed the checkpoint. The longer the lines got, the more desks were closed. In the end only people in wheelchairs were helped, while all others just could watch.

We made it to the plane in time, boarding was in time, we started taxiing in time… only to spend nearly one hour in the queue at the runway. When we took off I counted 15 planes lined up behind us, with several more queueing on the other side of the runway. Since the delays were weather related I guess I’m not allowed to complain.

queueThe final flight into Oklahoma was smooth as was the ride to the Days Inn in Norman. A quick visit to Wallmart next door for a few beers and something to eat behind us, sleep is taking over. Local time is just 21.20, but that’s 4.20 for us.

So sleep first… and then let’s look at the weather tomorrow.


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