Enhanced Risk and an update

Our storm chase is less than 50 days away, so yesterday I refreshed my ESTA waiver. Wow, they’ve certainly added a whole bunch of questions these last few years. In the end, I got accepted. That is… if the customs officer at the airport will agree.

It’s still one of the funniest moments from my first trip in 2008 when I was asked for the purpose of my trip: After getting awkward looks at Schiphol when I answered ‘Storm Chasing’ I decided to go for ‘Vacation’ when asked the same question the US. The question I got in return: “Why do you want to go on vacation in Oklahoma???”

As you might have noticed, I have switched to English. With 95% of my followers on G+ and Twitter not being Dutch that seemed more fitting.

Meanwhile in the US there is an Enhanced Risk for severe storms today and tomorrow. Today features an are with a 10% Tornado chance, including strong tornadoes near the borders of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Day 1 Tornado Probabilities


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