Exploring Norman

Today started out with trying to sleep for as long as possible. I didn’t do too bad, sleeping until 7 am, or 14.00 ‘back home time’. While Mirjam went to get us breakfast, I tried to set up the GPS on my laptop, which worked in the end, so from now on we should be ‘live’ on the Spotter Network.


After the yesterday’s long journey we decided to stay the day in Norman.

trip1As static as that sounds… we wound up walking about 15 kilometers. First from the motel to the campus of Oklahoma University. There we mixed in a bit of Ingress and did the OU Campus banner mission.

2016 - 1

Afterwards we had a few beers at the ‘Library Bar’ with names like ‘F5 Ipa’, ‘Moose Drool’ and ‘Jetfuel’. Why Americans bother to drink Miller, Coors or Bud with beers like this available… I don’t know.

DSC_0126By then my feet were hurting pretty bad and I had found out that I had skipped putting sun screen on my legs… so we returned to our motel. On the way I noticed the Kansas storms moving closer and closer. At one point the lightning got frequent enough to try to take a few pictures, with some success. The storm died down quickly, yet now that I’m writing this the thunder is rolling outside and the wind has really picked up.

Tomorrow we’ll also stay close, most of the other guests on the tour should be arriving and who knows we might have something to chase on Sunday.


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