Old faces, new faces

A nice and quiet day today. After yesterday’s 28 degrees the cold front left us with barely 10 degrees in the morning, though when the sun broke through the clouds during the day it became very pleasant.

No long walks today… the 15km walk pictured above was not without repercussions as 5 blisters have been reminding me of it all day. Instead I watched the Red Sox game while Mirjam tried to endure the Eurovision Song Contest, which for the first time ever was being shown live in the US.

One by one the guests for tour 2 arrived today, several I know from previous trips, several new. Tour 1 also showed up and the traditional diner at the Golden Coral followed. During dinner Charles lifted the veil on tomorrow’s plans: “Briefing at 8 am and have breakfast before that.”

I guess we are going to try and get as close to the New Mexican slight risk as we can.



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