As I will be working the last few days before the flight, this weekend is my last chance to make sure I have all the cameras, cables, chargers and more ready to be packed.


So far it is all going well, I am only missing one spare battery and a charger for the second video camera. Then again, the only reason I need it is to make sure the camera is actually *not* working anymore, so I guess it will just stay at home regardless.

Time to move on and see how much room there is left for clothes…

Meanwhile, after a week of sightseeing Tour 1 will be chasing storms the next few days. Today might not be a superb set up, yet with a little magic from the Denver Convergence Zone there should be some nice storms.

2 Replies to “Packing!”

  1. This is probably the first time ever you are ready to go, more then 5 minuten before departure ?


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