Preparations at full steam!

Just over 3 weeks to go before the trip. The last few weeks I have applied a special strategy that will hopefully make packing a lot easier.

Usually when you search for something, you will not find it. However you do come across the things you were looking for last time. It seems to work the other way around as well: every time I’m futilely looking for one thing I seem to find another thing that I want to take with me on the storm chase. Those things now go to a special box. Hopefully 3 weeks from now I can just dump the contents into my suitcase. So far this has produced a few batteries and the GPS dongle for my laptop.

Meanwhile the US simcards have arrived, a few additional memory cards should be in the mail and the GRLevel3 radar program has been enhanced with some additonal model data and lightning displays.

And after remembering the difficulty of capturing some of the storms using my 18-50mm lense, I decided to add this 10-24mm to the collection:

Tamron SP AF 10-24mm

I hope it will arrive in time to experiment with it a little. After that… just add storms 🙂


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