Chasing the Random

This section of the site hosts some of the blog posts of our storm chase trips. A list of all posts can be found here, while below you can find the three most recent posts.

It’s a wrap May 29, 2016
The final ‘chase’ day brought nothing but a very small tornado risk too far away for us, so we spend the day with another trip to Oklahoma City. Some of us visited the memorial museum, Mirjam and I did a few quick Ingress missions. After that about half of the group headed out to El Reno for a visited of the Twistex Memorial. It’s nearly 3 years ago that the Twistex team lost their lives when they were overtaken by the huge El Reno tornado. Sushi for dinner… and we watched the final part of the Thunder-Warriors game in a bar in Norman. We have started moving stuff around in our bags reconfiguring them from chase mode to travel mode. Myself, I will enter sleep mode soon.
Wakita and Oklahoma City May 28, 2016

Only a very small chance for severe storms today, so with the end of the trip approaching we headed from Wichita  to Oklahoma, with a stop at the Twister museum in Wakita.

When some storms did fire while we were at the museum we did chase, resulting in some hail and a few dramatic looking clouds. We almost made it back to Wichita before heading back to Oklahoma City for dinner in a restaurant just across from the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

After dinner the journey continued to Norman and so we have come full circle. Tomorrow we’ll do some sightseeing, unless the weather has a final surprise.

Day 13: bit of a bust May 27, 2016

The motel we woke up in was really nice. And since we already were in a good position to chase, we had an extra hour of sleep. For breakfast we went to a local small diner. The lady who asked us how many of us there were, almost dropped her jaw when someone of the geoup misspoke and said 21. But we already had split up, others were at the ihop. They served a really good breakfast at the Pheasant Run.

After breakfast we went to a Walmart and I did some shopping. Because of that I missed the interview of some of our group by CNN. But I’m sure someone has a video of it somewhere.

We saw some nice structures today, really beautiful mammatus clouds and a very nice sunset. What we didn’t see was any tornado. I think we’re getting spoiled, since we already have seen about 18 of them 😀


Dinner was very late. Again. Very good though, had my first burger here in the States. Denny’s does a very nice veggie burger. Now we are checked in at yet another motel 6 in Wichata, Kansas.